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The Focus 5: Tips For Generating Revenue

The Focus 5: Tips for Generating Revenue

Post Series: Focus 5

It’s time for the Focus 5! This month, we’re focused on practical tips for generating revenue (who doesn’t want to do more of that, right?).

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Generating Revenue for Your Small Business

  1. Referrals: We firmly believe in establishing a solid referral program with your clients. The key to a good referral problem is offering something of value in return for referring friends/contacts. We usually recommend gift cards, but a discount off their next bill works too. (Overall, though, we find that cold, hard cash often motivates people more than savings on a bill.)
  2. Past clients: Never burn a perfectly good bridge! Even if a client decides they don’t need your services, keep those doors open. Sometimes old clients will come back to you when they need your help. Handling the end of a relationship professionally greatly increases your chances of that! If you explicitly left the door open to additional work in the future, don’t be bashful about following up once some time has elapsed.
  3. Current customers (i.e., upselling): You are always going to spend less time and money upselling your current customers than starting with someone totally new. We like to offer packages so that customers can easily be moved up into the next package level. This may or may not make sense for your business, so we can help you customize this approach to your specific business.
  4. AdWords: Don’t underestimate the power of Google–AdWords can be the bread and butter of any company in terms of generating leads. You have to be willing to be patient as things ramp up, and you may need to spend more to beat out your competition. (We can help you figure this out!)
  5. Networking: Networking is great, but don’t waste your time on chamber events, which are usually just places where people are trading business cards like baseball cards. One group we have loved in Denver is Certus. We met our trusty website guru there, and we never fail to be inspired after their events.

Want help implementing some of these tips for generating revenue? Contact Niki at for a free consultation. And stay tuned for additional Focus 5 tips on everything from creating a great PR campaign to being social media savvy.

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