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Focus Marketing + PR is a full-service marketing and public relations firm located in Denver, Colorado

Our mission is to create comprehensive, individualized marketing and public relations strategies for small to medium-sized businesses. We understand the unique challenges facing small business owners, and we are confident that our expertise in both online marketing and public relations can help them achieve success.

Denver Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Navigating the world of online marketing can be overwhelming to any small business owner. We can help you develop a comprehensive and tailored approach that includes the most effective strategies for your industry.

Denver Google AdWords and AdWords Express

Google AdWords

If you are not yet using Google to promote your business, we highly recommend harnessing the power of Google AdWords. Our team of Google experts can help you navigate this exciting world, with great results for your business.

Marketing Denver Focus 5 Amping Up Your 4th Quarter

Our Packages

Whether you want to start slowly with your online marketing or are ready for the whole nine yards, we have a package for you. Our three different package levels are designed to fit each and every small business.

Recent Posts from the Focus Blog

Flawless Execution: LinkedIn for Self-Promotion, Professional Networking

You’ve installed the app and set up your profile, complete with a photo of yourself, but is your use of LinkedIn as momentous as it could be? If you have any inkling of doubt, perhaps enlisting the LinkedIn expertise of…

Confidently Speaking: Focus Marketing + PR Now Offers Media and Speaker Training

At Focus Marketing + PR, we are overjoyed to unveil a new service-offering – Media and Speaker Training. The offering, already gaining traction among a range of industry experts and business owners, is especially designed for individuals building or re-building…

Now Adding To Our Client Roster

There are all kinds of businesses out there – gigantic multi-national corporations, collaborative partnerships, proven franchises…descriptions and qualifications aplenty. Here at Focus Marketing + PR, while these “big guys” create the backdrop of the economic world in which we live, we’re most passionate about small- to…

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